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Post  Deagle on Thu Jan 23, 2014 12:57 pm

[11:02] «RG»BMF {CEO}: Why are you talking shit about me?
[11:03] FUN~Deagle: im not talking shit about you all i said was that i left RG for personal reason that i didnt feel you understood and didnt say anything negative about you or RG
[11:03] «RG»BMF {CEO}: yeah it a lot better where i am at now cause we dont have the drama that BMF seems to thrive on
[11:04] «RG»BMF {CEO}: thats talking shit
[11:04] «RG»BMF {CEO}: thats drama
[11:04] «RG»BMF {CEO}: all the shit i did for you and you talk shit about me
[11:05] «RG»BMF {CEO}: nice
[11:05] FUN~Deagle: BMF when i was in RG there was more drama over there than we have here and i apreicate everything you did for me but i dont think you would have ever given me the amount of access i have to the servers here
[11:07] «RG»BMF {CEO}: you have five members, we have 60+ members plus a lot more people coming and going
[11:07] «RG»BMF {CEO}: we also have 12 halo servers and 2 cod
[11:08] «RG»BMF {CEO}: Ive been thru a lot more knuckle heads than you dude
[11:08] «RG»BMF {CEO}: as far as drama goes, we dont have it anymore
[11:09] «RG»BMF {CEO}: your in the clan with the drama
[11:09] «RG»BMF {CEO}: so, please, quit talking shit
[11:09] «RG»BMF {CEO}: and dude, talking shit about other people doesnt get you more members
[11:09] «RG»BMF {CEO}: especially RG members
[11:11] «RG»BMF {CEO}: all it does is make you look bad
[11:11] FUN~Deagle: the amount of members doesnt matter to us we are here just to have fun and play we arent worried about numbers if someone wants to join then fine but we dont care about how many people we have in our clan plus we have had our COD 4 server completely full serveral times plus we are looking at expanding our servers soon and i think you guys have more drama than we do. we dont want RG members to join us unless they want to im not trying to recruit anyone its their desicion if they want to leave RG not mine or yours
[11:12] FUN~Deagle: plus we are streaming to pbbans, have MD5 tool checks in place and some other things in place as well and we have our servers just about completely free of cheaters
[11:13] FUN~Deagle: and no disrespect to you or RG but if i wanted to talk shit about you guys i would do it to your face instead of to your members
[11:14] «RG»BMF {CEO}: Try to be honorable, and cut the shit
[11:16] FUN~Deagle: i am doing just that i bet you havent even been told whats been going on with me in the last few weeks and im not sure if you care but i have had a bad few weeks here lately not in the clan im in now but in my home life
[11:18] «RG»BMF {CEO}: I guess you forgot, but I walked with you thru your last bought with home problems. I never said a word when you went right back in the fire.
[11:18] «RG»BMF {CEO}: I told you exactly what was going to happen if you went back
[11:18] «RG»BMF {CEO}: and it has
[11:19] FUN~Deagle: well we live and learn and im done with her but you got to understand its not just the problems with her my only gma that meant the world to me is gone and now i hardly have anyone i can turn to for advice
[11:20] «RG»BMF {CEO}: you had me
[11:20] «RG»BMF {CEO}: but you gave our friendship up
[11:21] FUN~Deagle: i never gave up our friendship i just got tired of all day everyday listening to you and others talking shit about kim and rat just because they left RG
[11:21] «RG»BMF {CEO}: you never heard me talk shit about rat
[11:21] «RG»BMF {CEO}: ever
[11:22] «RG»BMF {CEO}: all this was KIMS idea
[11:22] FUN~Deagle: sure calling kim fat and calling fun clan the fat clan isnt talking shit
[11:22] «RG»BMF {CEO}: and didnt you fucking tell me that you would NEVER leave rg, or play with them BEFORE you got COD?
[11:23] FUN~Deagle: and then you would get mad at me when i came over here to play a few games with them
[11:26] FUN~Deagle: well sometimes we have to make desicions due to the stuff we are around everyday and leaving RG was the hardest thing i have ever had to do but i got tired of the constant name calling and i made a desicion to get away from that cause i was under so much stress cause of several reasons but i still consider all members of RG my friends including you and yes you gave me some advice that i should have listened to but thats my fault but i have learned from that and i have you to thank for trying to warn me but what might happen
[11:28] «RG»BMF {CEO}: Please, lets try to stop pointing fingers, you left RG, that happens, Kim left, that happens, Rat, Run left, that happens, they werent happy becuase they wanted something we dont offer, PERSONEL GAMING. We are a clan, and we work together to try and make it successful
[11:29] «RG»BMF {CEO}: When our members go to other servers, after the members leave, and dont populate our servers, that hurts
[11:29] «RG»BMF {CEO}: it hurts RG
[11:30] «RG»BMF {CEO}: so, you have made your decisions and you are FUN, so leave our members alone, stop trying to recruit them
[11:31] «RG»BMF {CEO}: as far as your grandma goes, sorry. My mom was in the hospital for the last several weeks
[11:31] «RG»BMF {CEO}: we all live to die
[11:31] «RG»BMF {CEO}: it sucks
[11:31] «RG»BMF {CEO}: Please quit talking shit about me
[11:32] «RG»BMF {CEO}: I dont do it to you
[11:32] FUN~Deagle: im not pointing fingers at any one person i made the desicion to leave RG for a number of reasons but thats besides the point and you and your members are more than welcome to come play with us in our server IF you want to. but i honestly dont believe you would have given me or anyone else the amount of acces to the game servers that i have now in fun clan but i dont care about the amount of access i have to the servers you kept saying it was too much for you to handle on your own but you wouldnt even show me or anyone else what to do to help you
[11:33] «RG»BMF {CEO}: You cant do it
[11:33] «RG»BMF {CEO}: sorry
[11:34] «RG»BMF {CEO}: Ive been on the phone with NFO for the last three days
[11:34] «RG»BMF {CEO}: you can do that
[11:34] «RG»BMF {CEO}: you dont have a phone
[11:34] FUN~Deagle: i have our servers set up so all we have to do is start or restart them and no body has to do anything to any of the settings on the server and yes i do have a phone
[11:35] «RG»BMF {CEO}: yea, i know how game servers work
[11:35] «RG»BMF {CEO}: NOTHING like VDS
[11:35] «RG»BMF {CEO}: Totally different
[11:35] «RG»BMF {CEO}: I have 50 servers set up
[11:36] «RG»BMF {CEO}: only 12 running
[11:36] FUN~Deagle: i dont see how you still have to have all the same scripts that we have the only thing different about a gameserver and a VDS is knowing how to manage resources and how to tell it which core to run a server on
[11:37] «RG»BMF {CEO}: I have 6 diffferent instances of halo
[11:37] «RG»BMF {CEO}: all with different maps
[11:37] FUN~Deagle: and i pretty sure if i do ewnough research online i can do that as well
[11:38] «RG»BMF {CEO}: we have a no ban server, that kicks for team shootin
[11:38] «RG»BMF {CEO}: I wrote the script
[11:38] «RG»BMF {CEO}: on and on
[11:38] «RG»BMF {CEO}: its different
[11:38] FUN~Deagle: ok but showing someone how to do that so that they can help you would greatly relieve some of the stress off of you
[11:39] «RG»BMF {CEO}: too many people in the fire makes it really hard for anyone to admin
[11:39] «RG»BMF {CEO}: im good
[11:39] «RG»BMF {CEO}: been doing it for so long, its like riding a bike
[11:41] FUN~Deagle: well i am learning to do what you do with your servers and before long ill be able to do exactly what you are
[11:42] «RG»BMF {CEO}: good
[11:42] FUN~Deagle: that all i asked from you was to show me this stuff so i could help you but you didnt want to show anyone how to help you but its all good

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Post  Admin on Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:29 pm

Lets please refrain from any more of these postings.

While I respect everyone's individual rights to freely express their feelings, misgivings, etc., I am ethically bound to also respect the rights of any individuals addressed in those expressions.

RG Clan has some great members, and I've had the pleasure of playing with a host of them. if anyone has a personal issue with any particular individual of that clan, it should be a personal issue, not made public here.




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